The Benefits of a Routine Eye Exam

The Benefits of a Routine Eye Exam

You should get a routine eye exam every few years if you don’t have any vision problems or eye health issues. As you get older, you will need more frequent exams. If you have never had an eye exam, learning about what to expect will prepare you for seeing your eye doctor. An eye exam will ensure your eyes are healthy and you do not need any vision correction. While it’s easy to put off eye exams and consider them unimportant, doing so could put your eyes in danger. A routine eye exam is just as important as your yearly physical. When you get an eye exam, your eye doctor will put you through a series of tests that determine your ability to see and the health of your eye structures, like your retina. Finding eye problems early will protect you from losing your vision. With regular eye exams, your eye doctor can find issues early and treat them before they cause major damage. These exams also allow the doctor to help you correct any vision problems that could worsen over time. You need to make sure you bring your glasses or contacts with you to the appointment if you wear them. You should also bring a pair of sunglasses to wear after the exam because the doctor is going to dilate your eyes, which will make them more sensitive to the sun. If you are in the Chicago area here is a list of best eye doctors in Chicago.

First, the doctor is going to check your visual acuity, which simply means how well you see. The doctor will decide if you need to wear glasses or contacts to correct any visual problems and help you see clearly. You will also be given drops that will numb your eyes and dilate them to make it easier for your doctor to see the inner structures of your eyes. This is not a painful experience, but it can make you a little uncomfortable. Your pupils will stay large for a while. You should not drive after the exam until your eyes return to normal. The doctor will check all the structures of your eyes to ensure there is no damage. The retina and blood supply are evaluated carefully because these structures are the most likely to become damaged with age. There are a few tests you can expect from the doctor. 

  • Eye muscle test
  • Visual acuity test
  • Refraction assessment
  • Perimetry testing
  • Color vision testing
  • Slit-lamp examination
  • Retinal examination
  • Glaucoma screening

When the tests are over, the eye doctors in Chicago will discuss the findings and let you know if you need any treatment or visual correction. Your eye doctor may determine you need further testing or monitoring, depending on your eye condition. 

People overlook their eye health more than any other aspect. Your eyes are important. Most vision loss is permanent, so catching issues early is essential for prevention. You need to know the reasons for seeking a routine eye exam regularly. 

  1. Whether you wear glasses or not, you need an eye exam. Many eye diseases are undetectable without a dilated exam. If you have certain conditions, like diabetes, you are at a greater risk of eye health issues and vision loss, which are preventable with proper care. 
  2. You may not realize your eyes can give warning signs of health issues in your body. For instance, a doctor may be able to look at your eyes and tell you have high blood pressure. Doctors can also tell if you have a condition like Graves’ disease. 
  3. Protecting your vision keeps you safe. Poor vision can lead to car accidents, workplace accidents, and even depression. Protecting your eye health will help you protect other aspects of your health too. 
  4. Children need to see an eye doctor often because good vision will help them achieve better grades and success in school. A child needs to begin getting eye screenings before they start school, usually around the age of two to three. 

If you have never had an eye exam, now is a good time to schedule an appointment. Making the mistake of avoiding eye exams will only put your eyes in danger. Minor issues can become severe and lead to permanent damage that affects your vision. By seeking an eye exam as often as you should, you can avoid problems that could lead to dangers. Eye exams are easy to go through and will protect your precious vision at every age. Do not neglect the health of your eyes. See your doctor now to schedule an examination.